Copyright ©2014 GreenAgro Ltd biomass engery solutions Producta GreenAgro Ltd Products Wood Pellets 15 Kg GreenAgro Ltd Offer to customers retail bag wood pellets for home use in two norms En Plus and Din Plus. Wood Pellets Big Bag For industrial use and customers which need large quantities GreenAgro Ltd offer hight quality pellets packed in 1000kg bags. Biomass Briquettes Round High quality pressed briquette Coming into pack 5 pcs 10 kg packed in foil or Carton box. FIREWOOD GreenAgro Ltd production can offer Beech Firewood with mosture max.20% on 1x1x1 and 1x1x1.8m pallet packing. RUF Briquetted GreenAgro Ltd Offer best quality RUF briquettes for home use from most quality processing and wood. Biomass Briquettes Pini&Kayoffers fuel  Have octagonal shape with a hole in the center. Packing 10 or 12 pcs.                              Fascility and production pictures Palet packing Palet packing Factory fascilities Factory fascilities Factory fascilities Factory fascilities Warehousing Factory fascilities Transport Factory fascilities Briquette           Production
Biomass Heating Products GreenAgro Ltd with partner producers delever most quality home and industrial use heating systems for home use and industrial boilers. Based on biomass pellets.