Copyright ©2014 GreenAgro Ltd biomass engery solutions Wood Charcoal and BBQ Charcoal GreenAgro Ltd Wood Charcoal GRILL CHARCOAL Charcoal is produced by the process of industrial distillation from hard broad-leaved tress (beech, hornbean and oak). Charcoal is widely used in the following fields: ferro-alloy industry, as a reductive agent; chemical industry, in the production of active carbon; households, for grilling. High quality of charcoal complies with all European standards: C fix, min.                      80% Humidity, max.                 7% Ash, max.                        3% Volatile matter, max.        18% Because of its high quality, charcoal shows very good results in industry and households. It burns quickly releasing large quantity of heat, and while burning it does not smoke. GRILL BRIQUETTE                                  Briquette is produced by pressing of the tiny fractions of charcoal. It is used in: households for grill and in meat canning industry for drying. The quality of briquette is very high. It is important to say that starch is used as a binding agent instead of chemical binding agents and that is why our briquette is completely harmless for health. It fulfills the high quality requirements: C fix, min.                              65% Humidity, max.                         8% Ash, max.                              15% Volatile matter, max.               20%   While burning it develops extremely high temperature. It burns without flame and very slowly.