Copyright ©2014 GreenAgro Ltd biomass engery solutions Biomass Pellets GreenAgro Ltd Wood Pellets As a result some national quality standards obtain a wider acceptance beyond the borders of the countries which they represent. Actually the Austrian quality standard ÖNORM M1735 is considered as one of the strictest European pellet standards. Other countries with significant pellet markets like Denmark and Finland have decided to wait for the completion of a common European pellet standard. Since the early 2010 it has been published from the European Union the EN 14961-1 quality standard which refers to biomass in general (in pellets, too) for non-residential uses (e.g. industrial).  A more specific standard for wood pellets under the code name EN 14961-2 is in the final draft phase and when it will be set into force all the national laws regarding wood pellets will have to confront with it. Similarly another common European standard, the EN 14961-6 which refers to pellets from non-woody biomass resources, is in its preparation phase. Both EN 14961-2 and EN 14961-6 focus on non-industrial pellet uses. No matter which pellet quality standard will receive eventually a higher level of acceptance, the necessity to certificate biomass pellets quality must be of highest concern so as to enhance the commercial potential of the produced pellets in the developing world biofuel market. GreenAgro Ltd Pellets are Grade btw A1 and A2 UEP Pellets Conform to EN Plus A2 EN Plus Ø6mm                             Ash          <   1% Moisture  8-10% Wood       Pine/Spruce/Beech NCV         >18.000 kJ/Kg Package : 1. Home use 15 kg Bags 2. Big Bags 1000Kg Truck Transport  : 1 Truck 15 kg pack 23 palets total 24.150 kg 1 Truck 1000 kg pack 24 palets total 24.000 kg Wood pellets are a low cost, low carbon, high energy wood fuel, which provides  heating and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users. Manufactured by compressing sawdust into easy handling  cylindrical pellets,  they are a clean, easy to use and environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as gas and oil. If you are an Industrial, Commercial or Public Sector organisation then there  will never be a better time to switch into wood pellets: The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which was launched on 28th November 2011, offers early adopters an outstanding Return on Investment Wood Pellet fuel costs are 25% less than heating oil and historically exhibit much less price volatility.