Copyright ©2014 GreenAgro Ltd biomass engery solutions Biomass Briquette GreenAgro Ltd Wood Briquette Wood fuel briquettes are manufactured from wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, brash, arboricultural arisings etc.) by GreenAgro Ltd. The wood fuel briquettes manufactuoring process carried out with the help of  mechanical pressing, without the use of chemical fixatives and adhesives. These wood briquettes are the environmentally friendly product and they are an effective alternative to solid fuel. The burning of fuel briquettes keeps safe the natural atmospheric balance, doesn't pollute the atmosphere, doesn't influence on greenhouse effect: burning wood biomass emits CO2 through the chimney, but this quantity of the same size as emission from natural wood putrefaction. Growing trees absorb this natural CO2 because of photosynthesis and give to the atmosphere pure oxygen. In the modern world situation people have to find alternative energy sources to coal, oil and gas for heating homes and offices. One simple solution is biomass - typically in the form of wood. It is a renewable fuel that truly "grows on trees". Raising ecological requirements and fossil fuels prices is a driving force of using green fuel. Wood briquettes can offer a purer, more consistent alternative to firewood logs, offering higher energy density and steady combustion. The minimal quantity of residual ash from these heat logs can be utilised as a valuable garden fertiliser. Easy to handle uniform size packs ensure a pure and dry product which will occupy considerably less space than an equivalent load of traditional firewood. Eco friendly fuel with a long burning, high heat output ideal for use in the following: enclosed solid fuel heaters, wood burning stoves, open fires. GreenAgro Ltd Provide :  Roung Briquettes , Pini&Kay Briquettes RUF Briquettes