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About us GreenAgro Ltd Mission GreenAgro Ltd provides renewable wood pellet and fuels to make available heat that is environmentally beneficial, locally made, and economical with intention to become regional leader GreenAgro Ltd Vision We believe that pellet fuels made from sustainably produced biomass can play a major role in reducing demand for fossil heating fuels. Our vision is that Balkans and Europe region has the opportunity to develop this renewable resource as a significant contributor to meeting regional energy demands, thereby strengthening our economy and positioning the GreenAgro Ltd and partners as a national leader in sustainable, low carbon clean energy. Commitment to Quality GreenAgro Ltd biomass products prides itself on making a consistent and reliable high quality wood pellet which our consumers  have  come to know and experience. Since the founding  of the company, GreenAgro Ltd has been focused on continually providing a high heat, low ash quality wood pellet and biomass products. The company’s success over the years has come through an  understanding of wood and the handling of diverse woody materials. As a “wood refinery”, GreenAgro Ltd with partners is standalone facilities that sources clean material generated by a variety of  operations such as wood planing and moulding facilities Testing of wood and the finished product is achieved through in-house lab testing as well as through professional independent lab analysis. Such testing is done regularly to ensure the resulting product performs to the company’s stringent standards and meets consumers’ expectations. GreenAgro Ltd adheres to the policy of making wood pellets that meet or exceed the specifications for premium pellets and premium biomass wood products with best market price.